There is a special warmth, a sense of belonging that exists between people who have known one another a long time, share common interests and lived through meaningful experiences.

That sense of belonging is what you experience when you’re among extraordinary things that were carefully crafted and presented.

You experience this as somehow being an extension of an inexpressible want and desire within you. It speaks to your soul.

Great artists express similar emotion about their craft.
It helps them make sense of their being. It gives their lives and what they do significance and meaning.

It is something that they put into the world and it is born of what they carry deep within their souls. They are compelled to bring this to life and it provides them with a sense of fulfilment.

This is what it feels like when you come upon those one-of-a-kind, extraordinary businesses. Businesses that do things so differently, that seem to just ‘’get’’ who you are and what you need and want.

They are executing on their own unique, slightly unusual idea in a way that is so well-defined and masterfully executed that it resonates with every fibre of your being. It stirs up that particular emotion in you when you realise, unexpectedly, that you are in the presence of excellence.

Someone took the risk and put in the time and extreme effort to bring their art to life in a business where everything is done with a level of care and attention that is out of the ordinary. The design of the idea and how it comes to life is deliberate and intentional.

SlightlySkew’s story is born of a path that has led the founding members and originating business crafters to find their purpose in helping business owners and entrepreneurs who don’t fit the norm. Those who beat their drum to a different beat and cannot help but stir up a ruckus because of an intuitive pull in a different direction. This drives them to build businesses that has that kind of significance to them and for the people who work with them to make it real and for their meant-to-be customers.

If this is you, SlightlySkew may also be for you.

If our story resonates with you join our exclusive community to learn more and help us create better businesses that create a better world.

We would also love to hear your unique story and help you on your journey to become extraordinary.

Our story continues. Let’s tell you more about ourselves.

Meet the SlightlySkew
Business Craftsmen

Gerhard C. Olivier

Over the past 5 decades business management tools have seen tremendous improvements and many businesses have benefitted from these method sets. Large business consulting entities have engaged organisations globally and either consulted to these organisations or implemented their methodologies. It has almost become a de facto standard as well as a prestigious thing for organisations to have adopted an approach.

Gerhard has had the privilege to study, learn and practice many of these methods with various organisations globally over as many decades. His creativity, strong analytical trait, and passion for the small to medium sized businesses, who mostly cannot afford many of these excellent tools and consulting services, has led him to co-develop an approach focusing on the key elements that will enable participants to become extraordinary businesses. SlightlySkew combines the science of business and the art of business so that ordinary people will be able to create useful offerings and deliver it in an artful manner.

Dewald Olivier

After completing his undergraduate studies Dewald joined one of the first digital marketing agencies in South Africa. He soon realised that in order to accurately market a company and brand one has to understand its most intricate detail.

Dewald then joined Gerhard at Hebron in 2015 and found that the detailed understanding of the client’s business could be valuable for more than just marketing purposes. Improvement and efficiencies were some of the most obvious uses and so Dewald’s analytical and business improvement career started. He excelled in the analytical and business design world to the extent that he not only became a highly rated lecturer but also a top performer in growing businesses from start-ups to product houses running as a business in large corporates. To this extend appreciation for his insight, keeping things simple while always focussing on the bigger picture is well documented.

Dewald became obsessed with understanding what makes businesses truly thrive and not just to improve the efficiency.
Together with Gerhard their journey to unearth the soul of businesses started. Many hours of deep thought and studying business patterns led to the remarkable outcome that is today known as SlightlySkew.

Dewald’s cause to create businesses that create a better world led to an involvement into many different start-up ventures which remains a personal priority for him.

Our core values


We are dedicated to understand and respect your needs, feelings and perspectives. We promise to actively listen to you and do our utmost to be aware of your emotions.


We will demonstrate a determination to continue towards our combined goal despite any objections or difficulties.


Our team can find creative solutions to challenges and problems you may experience. We will make the most of our existing resources, including people, technology, and other resources, to achieve the desired goal.


We have an abundance culture, and we will continuously give more than is expected and required.


We will quickly adjust to changing circumstances including your needs, market conditions, competitive pressures, and technology advances.