SlightlySkew believes that
every business that is built
better, builds a better world

Great artists differentiate themselves by the attention they pay to subtle and unexpected details.

Just so, extraordinary businesses pay attention to details that connect with their customers’ unique wants and desires in a remarkable way.

Are you still the artist playing the masterstrokes in your business?


When the right business finds its right customers, it’s like serendipity.
They stay together because it completes something in them that they need.


SlightlySkew is an integrative, functional business design method, which promotes that all parts of the business are connected, work together, and impact each other to create extraordinary value.


SlightlySkew Blog

Read about our latest thinking on the art and science of business.


SlightlySkew tools of the Trade

A hub of resources to guide you in becoming a master of your art.

SlightlySkew asks the questions that test your vision against
real world pragmatic execution that will deliver beyond excellence

Ensure that the reason your business exists leaves
your customers and employees with a sense of fulfillment
from each interaction.


SlightlySkew looks intently at the building blocks of your business to ensure that they shape and fit together to create a rhythm that delivers extraordinary.


Lead and inspire your people to become the masters of their own art as they help your business craft and deliver extraordinary things.


Stay at the top of your game. Meticulously measure all that matters to shape shift what extraordinary looks like.