The founding SlightlySkew Business Craftsmen, Gerhard & Dewald Olivier, will host the members of the SlightlySkew Business Crafters Community for one-of-a-kind business thought leadership networking events. At these events, members will engage with Gerhard and Dewald on leading business thinking and ideas and be challenged to rethink, reimagine and reignite their original starting passion and the soul of their businesses.

Not only will members benefit from the thought leadership material and discussions, but they will also have the opportunity to lean on the community’s collective experience and expertise to elevate their artful business acumen.
They will be given the opportunity to share and test their business ideas within the community, harvesting valuable feedback, input, coaching and guidance from like-minded SlightlySkew Business Crafters.

In addition, when you become a part of our exclusive business community,
you will receive the monthly SlightlySkew Business Growth Newsletter

Being SlightlySkew is not for everyone but if our story resonates with you then sign up for the SlightlySkew Business Creatives Community now and receive a free introductory Saturday workshop to the SlightlySkew Masterclass.

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